Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Soups of January

I thought about looking for a picture online for a bowl of soup, but it seemed to me that it would be like saying, Hey! I made this! Which I haven't done anything of the sort like that, yet. Trying to eat more healthfully and less calorically this brand new year, and soup just seemed like it would be a part of that. They are more filling because of the high liquid content and warmth, they are easy to stuff vegetables into and they seem like they could be interesting.

My plan is to make about 3 or 4 soups a week, hopefully, a lot of unique ones too. I will try to report on how that goes, as soon as I get some groceries and plans together.

Wish me luck!


  1. About a month ago I realized how perfect canned soups were for lunches at work. One can is two servings which I pour into a bowl and it's about perfect. No time or desire to make my own while I'm in clinics but I agree with you on the ease And health. Why didn't I do that years ago?

    1. I'd really like to enjoy canned soups. But both canned soup and restaurant soup is almost ALWAYS too salty for me. The only exception is clam chowder. It is good from the can and not worth the trouble to make. But clam chowder is not one of those low cal items.
      I really like the Panda Express method of having veggies all ready to go (I'll do a post sometime) in the fridge in their clear containers. With a handful of standard spices and items, most soup is fun and easy to throw together. (Not while one is in vet school, of course)