Sunday, October 21, 2012

Standing Computer Desk Upgrade!

I've been using my new ironing board standing keyboard station for my computer desk for a week or so now. And it has really worked out great! I can lay out the papers I need to refer to, set aside items I don't need in my way right now, it adjusts infinitely for perhaps a little sitting, perhaps a little video watching, the mouse glides well over it, and I can still iron clothes on it on Mondays! But the wart on the nose has been the pesky iron holder on the end. It would have been ok if my iron fit on it, but it is too narrow for my Rowenta. So every time I bumped it or it got in my way, it was not, "Oh that iron holder!" It was "Oh the annoying piece of useless %*#)^@!"

Then I got to thinking, if only it were a cup holder. A cup holder that was safe around computers for no tipping of cups. It took me about a week to come up with just the right "found object" to make it all work.

I dug out the lid to a bulk DVD case and tried it out. First I had to flex the metal flanges of the iron holder out a little bit. That allowed the DVD lid to wedge snugly in the gap. But since it was straight up and down, I didn't feel safe with a full glass in it; it might continue to slide on down. So I took two very short and fat wood screws and barely screwed them through the plastic just below the rims on opposite sides of the lid. These made nice little stops to make the holder secure, and since it is wedged, it doesn't swing. There is no way my cup can tip over since it is deep in the holder. 



  1. I see that you got the lovely birthday cupcake into the shot. What happened to not eating at the computer?


  2. Look at the protective plate layer, and the fork. And besides, I'm not eating at my computer, I'm eating at my ironing board.