Monday, April 9, 2012

Talkers, Whew!

How is it that some people don't know when to just stop talking? So a stranger comes over to your table in Starbucks and politely asks about a computer; he might want to get one but knows nothing about them. He has a few simple questions and is very appreciative of your basic, friendly answers. And then, Zing! all of a sudden he is talking about how he is moving up north because the air in the valley is so bad, and there are molds that they used to know nothing about, and everyone is using inhalers, and it is like a petri dish here because of the inversion layer, and for some reason there is not much heavy fog anymore, and it's probably because of the bad air, and all he wants to be able to do is get movies from Netflix, however that works... (Me) "uhh, the other Internet connection is DSL and then there is wireless, like what I'm using here at Starbucks..." (He wasn't finished with his last thought) ... uhh, my mother, yeah, she has emphysema and has to use an inhaler, and even my sister, and the yeasts! I don't eat bread anymore because of the yeasts, and the candida sets up in your body and makes you crave sugar, and really, I just want to be able to get Netflix, maybe the library computers? (Me) Yes! Library computers! Good! (Him) The problem is "They" are taking away our choices. They make you have to have a computer to do anything.

Now you may think that I was doing my usual polite attentive thing that I am so good at. But no! I had reverted to the "read my body language Now! I'm bored and want you to go away!" But he wasn't noticing.

(Me) Netflix is easy. Sign up and get DVDs sent to you in the mail. Or streaming.
(Him) Oh no! I don't want streaming. All those electromagnetic waves! I get sick in front of that if I stay at it awhile.

As I sensed another lecture on the way. I interrupted: I have to get back to my stuff here so I can get done and get on my way.

So he slowly backed away, finishing his thought, thanking me, adding a postscript, backing away some more and then drifted back to his table.



  1. bwaaaaaaa ha ha ha I always get the same thing my friend, the life story.

  2. Wow. Even just looking at the unending first paragraph made me tired.

    And yes, I KNOW! You try to be nice, then you turn the nice faucet off, but they don't get it :(