Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have You Eaten These? (first 30)

How many of these have YOU eaten/drunk? (My response to a facebook app.) It's not easy to come up with a bunch of things you have eaten but suspect many others might have not! I'm trying to make it to 100.

1 Absinthe
2 Bananas Foster
3 Barbequed Oysters
4 Brains
5 Canned Dog Food
6 Chitlains
7 Chocolate gravy and biscuits
8 Dirt "Chocolate"
9 Dog Kibbles
10 Eel
11 Fried Apples
12 Fried Green Tomatoes
13 Fried Liver
14 Fried Okra
15 Goat cheese
16 Homemade Beer
17 Johnny Cakes
18 Kefir
19 Mountain lion
20 Pheasant
21 Quinoa
22 Rabbit
23 Raw Hamburger
24 Raw Milk
25 Roast Duck
26 Squirrel
27 Sushi (the raw fish kind)
28 Sweet COB
29 Sweetbreads
30 Watercress


  1. All but mountain lion. I'm afraid it would eat me first.

  2. I was a kid, and we were told at first that it was lamb. I just knew it didn't LOOK like lamb!

  3. Carolyn, are you saying you have eaten canned dog food and dog kibbles? Really?

  4. Well yes of course Kelly! We lived on a farm, for goodness sake! Ha! I was quite young when I chowed down on canned dog food, probably 2 or 3 grade. A little older when I tried the kibbles, but didn't care that much for them. Too gritty, and a little greasy. And they had an off flavor...

  5. I would totes eat mountain lion

  6. Hey, don't forget about canned cat food. Years ago when my dad had a hog feed lot, we used to get the label-less cans from the local grocery store. We opened them and emptied the contents in the pig food but any cans that looked like tuna were saved by my mom for sandwiches. most of the time it was tuna but once and awhile...A few bites was all it took and the meal was over.

    A great sausage is made from hog heads and their skin. Yummy with potatoes. Blood sausage it also delicious. i hear they have a blood sausage festival somewhere on the delta. those river folk know how to eat!

    1. Oh Oh Oh... No, I am glad to say that I never ate canned cat food. Nor dry cat food, to tell the truth.

      One time when I was buying a pile of label-less cans in the discount cart for a dime each (we called them mystery cans), I opened one that I thought was dog food. But the dog wasn't interested. When I looked closer, I saw that I'd wasted a can of refries.