Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cauliflower Pickles

I whipped up the loveliest pickles last night. Cauliflower pickles. I really like those things, but they are expensive, and I don't like some of the other stuff in the jar with them.

Another factor is that they are low on calories. I've been a maniac lately, rummaging through the pantry for non-existant snacks.

I happened to have a new snowy-white cauliflower in the 'fridge and didn't feel like just steaming it. I am sure there are recipes a'plenty on the web, but I thought I'd just wing it.

I've been going through my spice drawer, and came across a can of pickling spices I'd gotten when I thought I'd make cucumber pickles a long while back. I set them aside and pulled out the jug of white vinegar. I decided to blanch the flower because I didn't want it too raw-ish. I cut and broke the florets apart and let them freely boil for 2 minutes, then dipped them out. I boiled up 2 cups of white vinegar with 1/4 cup water.

I added 1 tablespoon of the pickling spice, and I think about a tablespoon and a half of kosher salt. I gave a generous shake of red pepper flakes and dropped a couple cloves of garlic in. I poured the hot brine mixture over the cauliflower and after while, stuck it in the 'fridge.

It worked! They taste good. In fact, Tristan even ate one. He thought it was a little vinegary, but he actually ate the whole piece. (Of course, I was intensely observing him, so that might have made a little difference.)


  1. Cauliflower pickles just don't seem right.

    Pickles should be green, tubular objects with small warts on them. Still, if Tristan liked them then I guess I could bring myself to try one of them when I get home.

    It does make me wonder though. I thought I was your special guinea pig for food objects? It makes you seem fickle to try them out on our son just because I am not handy.

    See you soon.



  2. I was pretty desperate for a snack...