Thursday, August 6, 2009

Itty-Bitty Teeny Cherry Tomatoes

The only reason I plant a garden each summer is for home-grown tomatoes. Oh yeah, I'll throw in some eggplants and zuccini, but the prize is the tomatoes. I like Early Girls, (since the wait for the first one is long enough!) some kind of beefsteak type, and then maybe an heirloom (this year it was Mr. Stripey). This year I accidentally picked up a 6 pack of Cherry 100's. I think they are called "100's" because it takes a hundred to actually have a mouthful. Of course I had to plant them, couldn't waste the plants! And boy, did they grow! If they hadn't drooped over, they'd probably be 5 feet tall. They drooped because I never get around to properly tying up my plants with any regularity. They are loaded with millions of Itty-Bitty Teeny Cherry Tomatoes. Some are no bigger than the tip of my pinky. I can't even get to most of them without pawing through the heart of the icky green jungle of vines. But that's ok, there are plenty on the outside too. So I have all these wonderful big red orbs all over my other vines, and why am I raking through the little pipsqueaks? Because they are the most delicious flavor of any tomatoes I have ever eaten.

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  1. aaand, they're great to add to regular spaghetti sauce to have a taste *explosion*