Monday, August 10, 2009

Heaven on a Square Plate

How do they do it? Please! Somebody tell me!

One of the things I like to do is attempt to recreate a particularly luscious dish that I've tasted at a restaurant. I've had mixed successes... sometimes not so good, sometimes even better than the original. But this... ah, this dainty morsel, I can't even think of how to start.

Cape Fear, a little restaurant in tiny Duncan's Mills, just down the road from Guerneville, CA, is an modest looking little place. Sort of a cozy, East Coast, upscale, seafood specialty eatery. Two years ago I discovered... Shrimp Grits.

Shrimp Grits arrived on a square red plate, 2 inches larger around than the square cake of seasoned grits. Decoratively laid out atop the grits were 4 beautiful shrimp, delicately sprinkled with green slivers of something oniony. But the cloud of glory was the sauce, that pink and spicy sauce. That savory, just-hot-enough sauce cascaded over the shrimps, drenched the grits, and pooled in the red square plate. And when I ran out of grits to dip in it, I raided the bread basket to mop up every bit that I, politely, could. (No, I didn't lick the plate- I was in public!) I warn you, it has a lot of garlic, so if you are out with someone, as painful as it is, you must share a bit.

Shrimp Grits is only an appetizer, so I must recommend an entree to follow it up. The Smoked Salmon Tortellini, if not heaven, is at least paradise. After that, you must use all your powers of persuasion to get someone to order the Bread Pudding so you can have a few bites, since by now you'll be much too full to order your own!

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  1. Shrimp Grits!!!!! that I KNOW you have a blog, I shall be commenting incessantly...