Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Adventure is the Whole Problem

The Problem to what? you may ask. Well, that nasty problem of being overweight and eating all the wrong things for a healthy body.

It's easy to ruminate on these things, as I sit here regretting the second piece of birthday cake and ice cream. 2 layer German Chocolate (homemade icing with extra pecans) cake and Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Ok, so the pecans were healthful. Uhh, there were a few eggs in the cake. Oh yes, I drank green tea with it! Anti-oxidents and all. It was great fun making the cake, and yes, it was delicious.

What if food were boring? We would all just eat what we needed. It would be a task we needed to do to live. I'm sure we could still find pleasure in eating. Just look at a dog tearing into his kibbles. Kibbles for breakfast, kibbles for lunch, kibbles for dinner. And still it's, "Wow! Look! Kibbles!" What would people kibbles be like?

I'm thinking sort of a trail mix, but in biscuits. Into the hopper would tumble veggies, protein, fiber, a little fat, and little round hard cakes would pour out into a sack. A machine would sew across the top, and the pallet of bags would end up at the little grocery store, which would also sell beer and ice. No more agonizing about what's for dinner. No more "Just one more piece for my mouth." No more dishes to wash. There's something slyly tempting about the whole idea. But...

I think I would end up doing things like, "I wonder what a kibble would taste like deep-fried?" And we are back again to the adventure. So I guess I'll just have to attempt self-control while continuing to hunt up new gastronomical pleasures.

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